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The UConn School of Pharmacy’s degree programs have different application procedures and filing dates.  Please check the appropriate program for additional information.  High school students interested in pharmacy can apply to either the Pre-Pharmacy program or Special Program in Pharmacy (SPiP) through UConn's Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES).

Important questions to ask when comparing pharmacy programs:

What is the difference between 0-6 and  2-4 programs? Does 0-6 mean guaranteed admission into PharmD?

Per the Accrediting Council, ACPE, no program is allowed to offer guaranteed admission – only guaranteed interview!  All Pharm.D. programs are mandated to interview their applicants.  Students accepted into 0-6 programs should consider the progression policy for advancing into the professional portion of the program; course retake policy, interview policy, etc.

Inquire about student retention through progression and graduation with class of origin statistics.

Ask for details surrounding attrition rates.  Are students withdrawing from the program? Are they falling back a year or being dismissed for academic reasons? Are they falling back as part of a dual/degree program?

How are students supported throughout the program?

Is there tutoring? Peer mentoring? What are the academic progression policies? What kind of academic and study skill development training is available? What is the availability of faculty and staff advisors and counselors?

The following article that appeared on Pharmforme.org offers some additional insight: What Are the Best Pharmacy Schools?