Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Pharmacy School Education

Temporary Academic Updates Spring 2020 (and impacting fall 2020)

The following updates relate only to students in the pre-professional B.S. in Pharmacy Studies or Pharm.D. programs. Graduate students should refer to the Graduate School's COVID-19 page

Pre-Professional Students – Spring 2020

  • Any student applying to the PharmD program may take any course in the spring 2020 semester as either Pass/Fail or for gradePassed courses will count towards general education requirements and Pharm.D prerequisites.
  • You do not need to seek approval from the School of Pharmacy to place these courses on Pass/Fail.
  • While there is no limit to the number of courses you can place on Pass/Fail, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to an advisor if you are considering placing 3 or more courses on Pass/Fail. This step is not to seek approval but to consider impact.

University General Education, Including Pharmacy General Education Required Courses – Spring 2020

  • The School of Pharmacy will accept all general education completed during spring 2020 as Pass/Fail.
  • Passed courses will count towards these requirements.

Current Pharm.D. Professional Students (P1-P4) – Spring 2020

  • For the spring 2020 semester, the curriculum shall remain a graded semester, on an A-F scale (not Pass / Fail), including APPEsAfter careful review, the Dean and Executive Committee met and after extensive discussions have determined that for the Spring 2020 semester, the professional core curriculum (core coursework, professional electives, IPPE/APPEs) will remain a graded semester on an A-F scale (not Pass / Fail). If you have completed your 12 credits of professional electives and are taking additional professional electives above and beyond that amount, that will be allowed to be Pass/Fail.

    If you so choose, your University (out-of-School of Pharmacy) courses ARE allowed to go Pass/Fail as those courses and their faculty allow.

    Approved March 26, 2020


Current Admitted Applicants Incoming Fall 2020

  • All students provisionally accepted for fall 2020 who convert any classes to P/F during the spring of 2020 are expected to pass all of their classes. Receiving a fail during the spring semester may be cause for admission rescission.
  • For More Information

    Please refer to the UConn Registrar’s website for University Information regarding grades and GPA, important deadlines, withdrawals, and pass/fail (P/F).