M.S. and Ph.D. Degrees

Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate students at AAPS 2019 conference

M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are available in Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology. our faculty are leaders in their fields and are listed below by category and area of research interest.

Please contact a Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty member in your area of interest or email pharmacy@uconn.edu to be connected.

More detailed information on Ph.D. programs can be found at Residencies and Fellowships.

Ph.D. applications go through The Graduate School at UConn.

Ph.D. Application Checklist

The following information is for prospective students wishing to obtain a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology/toxicology, or pharmaceutics.

Students can feel free to contact any faculty member in their area of interest. Once you are ready to apply all graduate level students must complete and submit an application to the University of Connecticut Graduate School, not directly to the School of Pharmacy or the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Complete all sections of the graduate school application as indicated.

  • Personal Background – Complete the required fields.
  • Intended Program
  • Area -> Health
  • Field of Study -> Pharmaceutical Sciences MS or Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD
  • Concentration -> Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology & Toxicology or Medicinal Chemistry
  • Campus -> Storrs
  • Enrollment Details – Complete the required fields. You should indicate two preferred faculty advisors.
  • Experience – Complete the required fields.
  • Academic History – Complete the required fields.
    You are also required to send your official transcript as described. International students may also be required to send a copy of the diploma.
  • Test Scores – Input your GRE and TOEFL scores (if applicable) into the form by clicking “Add Test”.
    You also are required to send your official scores to the University of Connecticut at code 3915.
  • Employment – Enter prior employment, if applicable.
  • Essays and Documents – Please upload:  A) a resume or CV; and B) a personal statement. The personal statement should be limited to two (2) pages and should describe your research interests, your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, and your desire to attend the pharmaceutical sciences program at the University of Connecticut. An additional writing sample/research essay is not required.
  • Residency – Complete the required fields.
  • Graduate Supplemental – Complete the required fields.
  • Recommendations – Three letters of recommendation are required.